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Pet supplies: From cat toys to dog food in Great Falls, MT, Happy Tails Lodge stocks all the fine products you need to keep your pet happy, healthy and well cared for. We can even deliver these goods straight to your door with our pet shuttle bus! Some of our most popular pet supply items include natural food, toys, general supplies, vitamins and supplements, first aid supplies and treats, including bones, bully sticks, horns, pigs’ ears, beef lung and fish skins.

Pet Food & Supplies Great Falls, MT

You might be eating lunch right now which is a great time to talk about an important subject...your dog's nutrition! We spend a lot of time thinking about what we put into our bodies but for some reason seem to not think much about providing our best friends with four legs with the proper nutrition they need to also live a long healthy life. Dogs and cats don't process carbohydrates like humans do and depending on the ingredients that are in the food they are getting, they might not get getting necessary elements to insure growth and healthy development. If you have questions feel free to talk to us the next time you're in about which diet is right for your pet. ...

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Going away for Labor Day Weekend? Call now and schedule your dogs stay with us here at Happy Tails! You can even arrange for shuttle pickup and delivery service! 727-8387 ...

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You probably saw the Aug 12 article on the front page of the Tribune about ‘Hundreds of dogs sickened by respiratory condition”. This puts us at Happy Tails on our toes, even though that seems to be where we live. This is so highly contagious because it is airborne. Most veterinarians won’t even allow your dog inside their clinic if it’s coughing. They’ll treat it in your car. Happy Tails Lodge has 4 separate areas of boarding rooms, each with their own air flow exchange. The air is exchanged with outdoor air every 15 minutes, for 15 minutes. We require that all dogs are vaccinated, but that’s not always effective for the virus that’s ‘out there’. We also diffuse the air with essential oils that are all natural and effective against 70 ‘super bugs’.

Cleanliness is essential and routine here. With so many in close proximity, ‘scrubbing’ the air is as important as scrubbing the surfaces. Since we’ve implemented the diffusion and 24/7 air exchange, we’ve not had an outbreak of any respiratory illness. We’re doing our best to see this continue. We know how valuable your pets are to you. At Happy Tails, your pet’s safety and your peace of mind are first and foremost to us.

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Kelly AudetThanks just boarded my Chance and he came back healthy as ever. I do appreciate and trust your organization. 😊

2 days ago   ·  1

Deb EveGreat post! Thank you for going that extra mile to keep the bugs out

21 hours ago   ·  1

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#truth. 😂🐶🐱 ...

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If you're going on vacation or traveling for work and need someone to take care of your favorite feline we can help! In addition to being all things dog, Happy Tails is all things cat as well! We've got spacious kitty condos for your favorite kitty to enjoy until you return! ...

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